South African Instant Milk Tart Recipe


This traditional light and creamy South African household favourite is made from pastry or biscuit crust with a creamy milk, sugar, egg and flour filling. Said to have arrived with the Dutch Settlers in the 1600s, it makes a regular

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Malawian Sweet Potato and Sim-Sim Balls Recipe


Malawi is a geographically diverse landlocked African country with a massive glittering lake, the third largest in Africa. Lake fish are plentiful and form an important source of food as do a variety of vegetables, maize-based

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Cape Malay Seafood Curry Recipe


“Cape Malay” is the collective term for people who were shipped to the Cape as slaves from various parts of South East Asia including Malaysia. They brought with them their culture, traditions, recipes and spices. While not

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Egyptian Koshery (Kushari) Recipe


Koshery is a popular plant-based comfort food found at Egyptian street stalls, restaurants and homes. It contains layers of fluffy, saucy, spicy and crispy ingredients, which, when assembled creates a delectable bowl of deliciousness

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Zambian Kandolo Balls Recipe


Zambian cuisine is largely comfort food made with passion and heart. In Zambia, Kandolo is the Nyanja word for “sweet potato”, a nutritious vegetable popular in various parts of Africa.

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Ghanaian Ground Nut Chicken Recipe


Many of the popular foods in Ghana are traditional dishes, a delicious reflection of a long and rich cultural history. Most dishes are served as a stew, often tomato based as with this saucy and mildly spicy chicken recipe, which

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Ethiopian Lentil Dahl Recipe


Ethiopian cuisine is probably most notable for its flavoursome vegetable and often very spicy meat dishes. These generally take the form of wat, a type of thick stew or dahl. The main spice blend in Ethiopian cooking is

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Algerian Beef Kofta Kebabs


The word “kofta” comes from the Persian word for “mashed”. The main ingredient is ground or minced beef, lamb, chicken and even fish. Kofta in its various forms is a dish that travelled across the Mediterranean Ocean

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Roasted Masala Recipe


Masala is a spice mix used liberally in Indian cooking. The term comes from an Arabic word meaning “seasoning”. In this recipe we share our special blend of spices to create an earthy mix, which we rub on sweet potatoes before

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