Pumpkin Fritter Recipe


No one knows for certain where fritters originated. What is generally agreed is that they contain almost any filling, are encased in batter and deep fried. Variations of this light and fluffy, delicious treat have emerged in various

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Tunisian Harissa Chicken Recipe


Harissa is a favourite spicy condiment from North Africa found mainly in Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria. Tunisian cuisine commonly includes all kinds of exciting variations of harissa in predominantly chicken, seafood and lamb dishes

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Moroccan Pumpkin and Sweet Potato Marak Recipe


Marak is an African-style vegetable stew. This particular dish is prepared in a tagine. Synonymous with Morocco, a tagine is an earthenware vessel with a pointy lid used to slow cook food to tasty perfection. Many tagines are

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Tanzanian Mango and Lime Chicken Recipe


Situated on the East coast of Africa, Tanzania is home to the famous Mt Kilimanjaro and the spice islands of Zanzibar. Tanzania has been influenced by various cultures and, like many countries, the variety of foods vary depending on

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Marinated Venison Kebab Recipe


Venison meat or “wildsvleis” in the Afrikaans language is low in fat, high in protein, loaded with vitamins and iron, and full of flavour. Some people claim it to be chewy and a little “gamey” and that’s certainly the case when it’s not

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North African and Ginger Cashew Nut Briouates


Versions of this dish are made throughout North Africa. A briouate is a small parcel made from a thin pastry similar to filo or spring roll pastry. Various, delicious sweet and savoury fillings are used. Briouates are usually served as

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Moroccan Almond Fritter Recipe


Morocco’s culture is a mix of Arab, Berber, European and African influences. The country itself is a recipe for a unique experience. While many people associate Moroccan cuisine with the tagine, and they wouldn’t be wrong

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Pea and Potato Samoosa Recipe


Samoosas are an Indian inspired fried or baked crisp pastry usually with a savoury, meat or poultry filling. Size and consistency varies but GOLD Restaurant samoosas are triangular in shape. This particular baked recipe calls for

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