Maize Nut Fritter Recipe


“Fritter” refers to a wide variety of fried food made from batter and infused with other ingredients. They’re popular in various cultures around the world. Our maize, nut, and corn fritters are an adaptation of tasty tribal snack called

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“Smoorvis” (pronounced smoo-er-fis) Recipe


Directly translated from Afrikaans to English, “smoorvis” refers to Cape Malay inspired “smothered fish”. It was originally made with salted, wind-dried (sea breeze) fish but this is difficult to source. Instead, you can use smoked snoek

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Bobotie Recipe


Bobotie (pronounced boh-boo-tea) is popular in various cultures in South Africa, so much so that it’s practically a national dish. Cape Malay inspired, it’s a spicy creation made with minced ostrich, beef, or lentils and baked

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Congolese Spinach Recipe


African wild spinach grows naturally throughout Africa. In the Kikongo language of the Congo it’s commonly referred to as Mfumbwa or Fumbwa. Nowadays, wild spinach is rare and difficult to find. Use any fresh spinach

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Boeber Dessert Recipe


Our Boeber dessert is inspired by traditional Cape Malay cuisine. The taste is rich and creamy, and it’s very filling. Traditionally, Boeber is served as a pudding or a thick, creamy drink. The thickness is determined by the

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