Behind the scenes in the GOLD Restaurant Kitchen


An important part of your dining experience is the people with whom you share it and the people at the restaurant who make it all happen. GOLD Restaurant is instantly recognised for its African food, unique ambience and it’s genuinely warm, welcoming people. Much like the people, there’s nothing pretentious about the 14-dish tasting menu. It’s all fresh and authentically African, with a delightful twist here and there.

Why GOLD’s people have a personal connection to the menu

At any restaurant, when you ask a waiter a question you can always tell if they’re genuinely excited about the food. GOLD’s people are not just familiar with the menu; they have a personal and very real connection to it. They get to eat it, often, and much of what goes on the menu is inspired by their own home countries, cultural heritage and shared experiences. Practically everyone at GOLD has a favourite dish and a story about what it means to them, and how it reminds them of home.


In the kitchen at GOLD

Push out of your mind all your preconceived notions of what happens in a restaurant kitchen. There are no Ramsian flare-ups here. The kitchen at GOLD Restaurant really is special. Some of our kitchen staff come from Cape Town, while others where born in the Democratic of Congo and our head chef, Mavis finds her roots in Zambia. And while all our kitchen staff come from different parts of the continent there’s conviviality and a deep friendship that goes beyond pots and ingredients.


Africa – a source of inspiration

Restaurant owner, Cindy is constantly scouring the continent for new ingredients and she trusts implicitly the input of her ladies in the kitchen. The menu is well thought out with diverse flavours and portions are generous with some vegetarian swap out options. Everything is carefully planned and although they cook extra for walk-in guests nothing goes to waste. Surplus is given to a charity.


Teamwork in the restaurant

Doris and Lubamba, two of our kitchen staff, started their first day at GOLD together. They have a practiced and almost symbiotic way of working. The struggles they and their respective families back home have endured could fill a book, yet both still find the time to appreciate the simple things. You cannot help feeling heartened by way in which they refer to one another as “my sister”. These are the likeable ladies who happily come to work every day to prepare delicious food especially for you.

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