What is the CrescentRating and what does it mean for Muslim travellers?


GOLD is proud to hold an A CrescentRating. But what exactly does this mean? Essentially, the CrescentRating is the world’s leading authority on Halal Travel.

Established in 2008, the CrescentRating system researches the lifestyle and needs of the Muslim traveller to provide guidance on destinations, hotels, spas, travel agents, tourist attractions, airports, retail operators, and restaurants that cater specifically to them. The primary aim of CrescentRating is to enable Muslim travellers to explore the world with peace of mind through credible, knowledgeable, and globally trusted brands.

This unique rating and accreditation service, which combines detailed analysis and assessment, is now the globally recognised premier independent standard for the Muslim travel market.

When it comes to the rating of restaurants, the Crescent system goes beyond just looking at the availability of Halal food, taking in several other factors to determine how well a restaurant caters to Muslim diners. The rating level offers travellers an indication of the services and facilities it offers to Muslims. Restaurants are rated AAA, AA, A, B, or C with AAA being the highest rating.

GOLD Restaurant is one of only a handful of Crescent certified restaurants in South Africa, having established ourselves as a leading authority on halal-friendly dining. Our kitchen here at GOLD is strictly Halal while we offer vegetarian options for every meat-based dish on our menu, as well as dishes that cater to all types of dietary requirements.

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