Experience South African rugby in true African style!



While you might not be able to watch the rugby tour at Cape Town stadium, what could be better than catching the Springboks Tour games at GOLD Restaurant?

Want to book for the perfect wedding or year-end function – we would love to discuss your options.



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Well worth it and a definite must

Wow! Outstanding atmosphere and friendly staff. And the food IS TO DIE FOR. A quick through the dishes of Africa! Well worth it and a definite must. 10/10

Brendon Pearce - TripAdvisor

Everything perfect!!! Highly recommended!!!

Everything was perfect! Quality of the food was excellent and in combination with the entertainment, it made our dinner amazing!!!

291mathiass - TripAdvisor

The experience is worth it!

The experience is worth it! The interaction and presentations were amazing! The typical food I don't like much, but it is very well made.

gabriela chelequim -Google