Ethiopian Carrot Pate Recipe

In Ethiopian culture, spices aren’t just used for flavour; they’re also symbols of hospitality and community. Sharing a meal is a sacred act, a gesture of friendship and connection. And in every bite, you can taste the warmth and generosity of Ethiopian hospitality, infused with the rich flavours of its spices.

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Xhosa Pot Bread Recipe

Xhosa Pot Bread

Our Xhosa pot bread is soft-centred with a delicious outer crust. Xhosa pot bread also known as “Umbhako” is traditionally made in a heavy pot with a lid over an open fire but you can just as easily bake it in an oven.

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Spicy Tomato Soup Recipe


Regardless of your country of origin, there is very little quite like a comforting bowl of tomato soup in winter. Our recipe has a little added heat owing to the addition of green masala. “Masala” means mix and refers to the subtle blend

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Xhosa Imfino (Wild Spinach) Patty Recipe


Imfino is a leafy, green vegetable that traditionally grows wild. It can be cooked and eaten in much the same way as spinach. In fact it’s often referred to as African spinach. While the traditional Amaxhosa (Xhosa) people of

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Holiday Eggnog with a South African Twist


Eggnog is not for everyone. You either love it or hate it. However, eggnog die-hards argue that those who do not enjoy chugging it have yet to taste the real thing. While its lineage is contentious most egg-noggers agree

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Moroccan Zeilook Recipe


Morocco is often associated with pointy-top tagines imbued with bold flavours, subtle spices, usually served with couscous. The Arabic food language of Morocco sounds as delicious as the cuisine tastes. Without even knowing

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Cape Malay Chicken Satays with Peanut Sauce


The story of Cape Malay cuisine starts with the involuntary migration of people in the 17th century from various parts of South East Asia – including Malaysia and Indonesia. Brought to the Cape as slaves, they brought with them

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Ethiopian Iab Creamy Dip


Ethiopian iab cheese (also known as ayeb or ayib) is a white curd-style homemade cheese similar to Greek feta. It is a central ingredient in Ethiopia’s widely consumed iab dip, which has a refreshingly cooling flavour

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South African Instant Milk Tart Recipe


This traditional light and creamy South African household favourite is made from pastry or biscuit crust with a creamy milk, sugar, egg and flour filling. Said to have arrived with the Dutch Settlers in the 1600s, it makes a regular

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