Fun With Djembe Drumming at Gold


The heartbeat and rhythm of Africa is synonymous with tribal drums. The Bamana people in Mali believe the djembe drum (pronounced ‘jem-beh’) comes from the saying “Anke dje, anke be” which means “everyone gather together”. It is this saying that characterises the djembe’s purpose and that of GOLD restaurant in Cape Town.

African drumming activity

The pre-dinner interactive drumming experience at our African restaurant is a natural precursor to an unforgettable dining experience. It’s incredibly popular with local and international guests of all ages. Soon, even the most rhythmically challenged are drumming away with our very own master facilitators, Binos or Ezzi.

What is a djembe drum?

The drum itself we use in our African drumming experience is like a large wooden goblet tightly covered with animal hide. On arrival at GOLD restaurant, you select a drum and Binos or Ezzie will patiently guide you on the basics, such as how to cup your hands, and how to play a rhythm. There’s nothing quite like a participant’s surprise and delight when they become familiar with and begin to emulate the pulsating sounds of Africa.

Come to Cape Town’s GOLD restaurant

After 30 minutes of djembe drumming guests at our restaurant in Cape Town are treated to a soothing traditional hand washing ceremony. Then you are led into the main restaurant dining area. Attended by servers in striking African attire, each of your 14-course traditional African dishes are explained, including country of origin.

Not just an African restaurant

Much like our interactive drumming, our entertainment is a celebration of life. It includes a fusion of African and contemporary singing and dancing. Tall Mali puppets in flowing robes dance gracefully between tables. We’re all about creating an authentic taste of Africa to which our guests are eager to return again and again.


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  1. Sounds amazing. A true African adventure not to be missed….

    Thinking that this is just the place to take International guests for a "Taste of Africa"

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