What To Expect From a Night at GOLD Restaurant


It takes some doing to provide guests with a full and varied insight into African food and culture in one night. That said everything we do at GOLD Restaurant, from our menu, to the people, attire, décor and entertainment is an honest reflection of the vibrant and rhythmic African continent.

By their own admission, the GOLD Restaurant staff – people who come from all over Africa – are here because they feel that they are part of something special. And it’s true.

Open seven days a week, every evening as we set up for the next dining experience, as we build up to welcoming new and return guests there’s a spirited chatter, a contagious exuberance and happy singing coming from the kitchen.


Portal to an authentic African dining experience

“Papa” or “Mr. Simon” – our front of house and head of security welcomes you at the door. As you move into the foyer, beautifully adorned ladies and gentleman welcome you to the African experience with captivating smiles and the kind of charm that makes you feel important. From start to finish, we want your experience to be as enchanting and memorable as possible.

Pre-dinner djembe drumming really is for everyone

You are escorted to your table or to the space in which a fun and hugely popular pre-dinner African djembe drumming group session begins.

The djembe is a tribal drum inextricably linked with African culture and tradition. One of our experienced and patient facilitators, Ezzi, Binos or Walile, guides you in a surprisingly easy and exhilarating group session. Even the most rhythmically challenged are seduced by the pulsating sound of their hands connecting with the skin of the drum. Afterwards, you are treated to a rose oil infused hand wash before being shown to your table and introduced to your server.


Set fourteen-dish tasting menu

Each of our Cape Malay and African inspired dishes – from ingredients and preparation to the country of origin – are explained as they are brought to your table. Tasting portions are generous so do come hungry!

Contrary to popular belief, typically African cuisine is not all about Mopani worms and roasted grasshoppers. In many parts of Africa the diet is often largely vegetable based and includes plenty of wild growing leafy greens such as variations of ‘Morogo’ or African styled spinach.

Our menu changes seasonally with new additions and popular favourites. African food is traditionally shared and enjoyed together so we often publish our recipes for guests to replicate at home.


Traditional African entertainment

In African culture, playing instruments, singing and dancing is more than entertainment. It’s about telling stories, celebration and rites of passage. It brings people together as a community.

Essentially there are three performances during your dining experience at GOLD Restaurant. The first interlude takes the form of a praise singer who welcomes guests to the restaurant. A tall and regal Mali puppet accompanies him as do performers singing in rhythmic harmony and a marimba player. The marimba is a wooden percussion instrument.


The second interlude is a show of strength by two warriors dancing energetically while vying for the attention of two young girls. The third performance honours African royal families, particularly queen mothers. Our GOLD queen mother moves between tables lightly sprinkling gold dust on guests as a sign of her wealth and power.

At the end of the evening other staff from behind the scenes, some of the chefs even, join in the entertainment. This is their way of coming together as a family at the end of a busy day and to wish you well until we see you again.

Need to know information


Tel: +27 (0) 21 421 4653

Email: info@goldrestaurant.co.za

Address: 15 Bennett Street, Green Point, 8005


We take walk ins although we cannot guarantee availability so we strongly recommend that you pre-book.



Family is an important part of African culture and children are most welcome at GOLD.

Dress code

There is no dress code.

Dietary preferences

All of our meat, poultry and fish dishes come with vegetarian substitutes and our kitchen is certified halal. Please inform us of your dietary preferences in advance, preferably when you book so that we can adjust the menu accordingly.

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