Curated Spice Experience

Our curated unique Spice experience, explores the history of spices throughout the world, taking you on a story telling adventure through the eyes of our African staff. Venture down the spice route from Uganda to Burundi, the lakes of Tanganyika, and Zanzibar, the spice island. Smell, taste and identify spices as you listen to the stories of how an island in Indonesia is linked to Manhattan through the spice trade and European wars, while you discover a different side of Africa through its spices and the unique experiences of our staff.



This one-of-a-kind experience is curated in a small private dining room for a minimum of 2 guests with up to a maximum of 15 guests with African hospitality, stories, food and entertainment.

What to expect

R1850 per person

Arrival bubbly with 24 carat gold leaf

Djembe drumming experience at 18h30

A private dining room

A curated evening encompassing the history of spices

Smell, taste and identify spices

Get to taste 14 different spice infused dishes

Stories from our staff

Live entertainment during the evening in your private dining room

A visit to the kitchen to meet our chefs

Pre-selected wines with dinner

Mineral waters


Join us for a night of GOLD

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