Why book with a travel agent?

There has never been a more testing time to try and book your dream trip. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t travel now. With amazing flight, hotel, and restaurant specials currently on the go, there is no better time to tick that African safari or Cape Town seaside holiday off your bucket list.

However, in this turbulent travel climate, one thing we do recommend here at GOLD is working with a reputable travel agent. We know the best ones in the business, have dined and entertained their clients, and see how these travellers walk away with an enjoyable, stress-free holiday, compared to some of the DIY travellers to our shores.

If you’re thinking of travelling to Cape Town soon, here are the top reasons why we recommend booking with a travel agent:

There when plans need to change

Travel right now is pretty unpredictable. Regulations regarding quarantine and restrictions can change at the last minute and having someone to talk to when these changes occur is a necessity. Book yourself and you could be left suddenly changing your flights, scrambling to try and get a refund from your accommodation, or cancelling your restaurant and activity bookings. Book through a travel agent and let them worry about the nitty-gritty while you just relax, make the most out of your time away and soak in the experience of being in a different place.

Expert tips and advice

While its no secret that anyone can find cheap flights and accommodation online, these often come with hidden costs, especially in today’s climate. A reputable travel agent will know which airlines and hotels are letting customers change flights or giving refunds if needed. They’ll also know which ones are less reliable and have a tendency to cancel at the last minute. This expert knowledge can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Your travel agent will also be able to provide you with expert tips and advise about the best restaurants to visit, what activities are open, and what specials you can take advantage of when on holiday!

A real human to talk to

There is nothing worse than standing outside your accommodation with no way to get in and having to deal with an automated chatbot, or trying to call your airline to ask a simple question only to be rerouted through endless help desks. Your travel agent is someone real. A proper human you can talk to when you need something to happen quickly, have a simple question you want to be answered, or just want assistance with making a restaurant booking when you don’t have time or access to a phone to do it yourself. Your travel agent should also have access to behind the scenes systems that you won’t have access to and can generally find out about any potential problems long before you do, stepping in to sort them out.

A better overall experience

Travel agents have good relationships with the hotels and activities they offer to clients. As a result, they can find you some pretty unbeatable deals and even get you VIP treatment. As they bring a lot of business to these companies, they are more likely to be able to get you a last-minute spot on an activity or the best seat in the house at a new restaurant. There is no substitute for personal connections and when booking through a travel agent you have the chance to create a holiday of a lifetime by leveraging off connections that you would never be able to build yourself.

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