African Cuisine is delicious and nutritious


Here at GOLD Restaurant in Cape Town our menu consists of 14 dishes inspired by traditional African cuisine. And while all our guests will tell you the food is absolutely delicious, many of them don’t know it’s also extremely nutritious!


We live in a modern age of chronic obesity and diabetes. In today’s fast paced world many people rely heavily on western style takeaways and ready prepared foods. Contrary to popular belief eating minimally processed, healthy food doesn’t necessarily mean you have to compromise on taste. Take African cuisine for instance – it’s healthy because it’s made from predominantly natural ingredients and enhanced by the many spices and pastes from Africa, its incredibly tasty too!

Traditional African dishes

Traditional African cooking usually involves a diverse variety of vegetables that are full of antioxidants. Including antioxidant-rich foods in your daily diet will strengthen your body’s capacity to fight disease and infection. Moreover, the commonly used African herbs and spices are loaded with phytonutrients. In simple terms, these are plant compounds said to promote good health.

Many “super foods” can be found in African cuisine

Not only are they good for you but “super foods” help with weight loss and aid in the prevention of chronic disease. One such universal super food group is leafy greens. This is because they are rich in fibre. While the preparation of leafy greens in various traditional African dishes varies between African countries the majority are organically grown and are a staple in daily meals. In fact many traditional African dishes are actually vegetarian! Here at our African restaurant, leafy greens feature in a number of our dishes, including our very popular seared ostrich fillet salad that is available on our summer menu.

In parts of rural Africa various wild growing greens are gathered in the open velds (uncultivated grasslands) or collected from river streams. These greens are prepared in a popular African dish the Nguni people (Zulu speaking) call “Imfino”. The Sotho name for it is “Morogo” or “Mohoro”. Spinach is a good substitute for wild greens. In fact, many health experts consider spinach to be the ultimate “super food”.


Starch in African Cuisine

Traditional African Cuisine is often criticised for having high amounts of refined starchy products. However, here at GOLD, we prefer to stay away from pre-packaged, refined starches you can buy in a modern supermarket and stick to the way things were traditionally made with tubers like sweet potato and whole grains. We also serve a lot of lean game meat with our starches, punctuated by traditional sauces and accompaniments. Our Malawian sweet potato cakes are definitely a firm favourite amongst guests!


Nuts for African food

Nuts are a fantastic source of fibre, fat and protein (not to mention flavour) and are typically used in African dishes, especially when blended with spices to form tasty pastes. Packing a variety of minerals and vitamins into those small packages, the nutrition value of nuts really is endless. Our Ghanaian Peanut Chicken packs a punch and showcases just how versatile the humble peanut can be!

Try some authentic African recipes

African cuisine is good for you and it tastes utterly delicious. Treat yourself to the vibrant and intense flavours of Africa by monitoring our recipe section for upcoming ways to prepare your own tasty meals.

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