A must in Cape Town

This is not your typical dinner show type restaurant. All of it, the decor, food, service and entertainment was very well done. A great way to get into the spirit of being in Africa. We participated in the drumming before dinner which was a lot of fun. We enjoyed the opportunity to sample authentic African cuisine food from various parts of the the continent. I would highly recommend.

Laurie P - TripAdvisor

Authentic Energy

From drumming lessons to personalized service you are welcomed into a slice of Africa that provides a great introduction to indigenous culture. One learns about this place through reputation of other travellers who having experienced it tell you that you must go. So you do and having had a great experience you naturally tell others of the food and the entertainment. It is located in the Victoria Junction area.

Ttravellingsinclairs - TripAdvisor

Entertainment and Tapas

Taste food from all around countries from servers dressed indigenously. All liquor available and for a fixed price an assortment of tapas style dishes Sweet potato fritters fried fish giant beans chicken curry ostrich on salad and finishing with cardamom ice cream and pumpkin fritters Entertainment throughout along with a face painting Unique experience and well worth it

I5328XMpatriklise -TripAdvisor