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    We wish our clients, family and friends the best of health during this global crisis.

    Extra special birthday

    Thank you for making a friend’s birthday extra special. We enjoyed every part of the evening and will be returning soon. Your establishment made us feel safe enough to enjoy a little bit of what was our normality before COVID. Thank you!

    Marion Thomas - Dined 4 December 2020

    The food was excellent...

    We had a wonderful evening with our friends and kids. The food was excellent and the show very well done.

    Marie Leriche - Dined 12 December 2020

    No words can ever describe...

    The score rate above is not high enough to rate my experience. No words can ever describe our experience. I would recommend it to anyone who is up for an adventure night to experience Africa. Keep it up and we are looking forward for you to host our wedding celebration.

    Machel Coetsee - Dined on 31 October 2020

    Gold Restaurant has consistently remained ahead of the game in their genre & style. Their service is attentive, warm and friendly and it always feels like coming back home to visit family when I’m there. Their food is wholesome and hearty with amazing flavors. I’d recommend Gold Restaurant in a heartbeat.

    Nelson Albarran - Google

    I had the pleasure of visiting this restaurant as part of a dinner and entertainment package and I was mesmerized by the experience. Every dish I sampled that night was from a different African country and each was delectable. Also the musical and dance production was unforgettable. The customer service was top notch and friendly. I wish I could return to Capetown again. I highly recommend this spot if you’re visiting. Great value for your money.

    Rae Joseph - Google

    Unlike any dining experience I’ve known. Taste the African map, soak in the live music and be that person who beats to their own drum!! We loved this Davy. Our only regret is that they no longer sell the cookbook with all the recipes. Do not miss this delightful journey.

    Brigitte Ferdinandsen - Google