...a dining experience like no other...

We loved our evening here, the service was absolutely fantastic! Our waiter ensured that our drinks arrived quickly and each dish was well explained given the large variety of food. The actual food was brilliant, a mix of different dishes from all across Africa, the idea to have a set menu is great as it allows us to taste them all, having a choice would be too difficult especially since we are not familiar with the cuisine. Add for the ambience and entertainment, that was the main highlight of the night, a dining experience like no other where the guests are involved and get to participate a well. Definitely recommend this for a unique evening.

Alistair Baldacchino - Google November 2023

Literally, this is the best dinner experience..

Literally, this is the best dinner experience anyone can experience in their life! Can you imagine having high-quality multiple-choice food, great service, shows, they can teach you how to dance and there is an artist to draw on your face all in one place and with a good price. Wow! Thank you Thank you Thank you!

Amal Albalawi - Dined 30 October 2023

It was an amazing experience.

It was an amazing experience. Very good organized, very beautifully decorated, the drumming of just 30min went flying by and was so much fun. Our host Isabel form Uganda did such an incredible job, very professional and cordially witty. It was a lot of food and we loved it all. The performances throughout the night were from calm to spectacular. Thank you so much, I hope I ll return one day.

Biffyboy1978 - Google November 2023

Give responsibly

Here at GOLD, we hate seeing good food go to waste and try our best to uphold the spirit of Ubuntu. That’s why instead of throwing what’s left unused at the end of the night, we donate all our excess food to The Haven Shelter in Napier Street Cape Town.


Follow the link below to find out how we support The Haven on a daily basis and what you can do to help.

The Haven Night Shelter